23 year old dude that like to stay fresh and keep to himself. I'm gone keep things basic and say this i love shoes and my girl and that's all you gone see on this shit.
Oh one time to my baby Emerie finessedem.tumblr.com ;).

"My motto is don’t dress to impress, dress to intimidate. Dress to make people admire and envy you so much that it literally scares them."

What I’m afraid of on here.

….. When I wake up somebody else might take my place. That’s why I’m always proving to my girl that I’m the one for her.

Beside that I ain’t afraid of shit or anybody on here fuck I look like.

i dont argue to win, or to be right. i argue to be understood. thats all.

I finally grew up on here. It took me a minute but i finally did it. Before I could care less about anybody feelings or just talk or say whatever I wanted not actually thinking about it. (Well I sort of still do but in a more positive way.) But yeah I’m just gone apologies to the ones I hurt and the pass I know it’s a lot of y’all (player😏). But I see some moved on and some still sort of dislike me. But at the end i still got a lil love for everybody I came close with even if we don’t talk now. And I just wanted to say thank you to those who did stick around.

But the reason I post this because I had a really old friend ask me for closure today and i gave it to her. It might not been the answers she wanted to hear but she move pass it and still hugged it out. I felt good to give her that and that moment I realize how much I grew up on here.